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Email - or come and meet us at a gig!

Also, you could subscribe to our RSS feed.

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RSS feeds enable you to stay informed about web site updates without having to check the sites themselves. Our feed can keep you up to date with gigs and other band news.

Feed readers are the best way to access RSS feeds. You can use stand-alone software (there are several feed readers available as free downloads) or you can use a reader that works within your usual browser. To access our RSS feed, highlight the following address then copy and paste it into your feed reader or browser address bar.

Most newer browsers can read RSS feeds too, often displaying this icon [feed icon] if you are viewing a web site that provides a feed. If you see the icon (or something similar) near the top of your computer screen now, you can click on it to access our feed.

To find out more, you can read Wikipedia's article about RSS.

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